Hospitality Homes

Hospitality Homes
138 Tremont Street Boston, Massachusetts, 02111
(617) 482-4338
Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm

What is Hospitality Homes?
Hospitality Homes is an organization that arranges no cost housing for the families and friends of hospital patients. Accommodations are provided through its network of volunteer hosts. It was founded in 1983 and is a non- profit organization.

Who are the Hospitality Homes hosts? What do they do?
The Hospitality Homes hosts are volunteers who open their homes to provide a clean and comfortable place to sleep and access to a bathroom. Many hosts also offer limited kitchen use.

Our volunteer hosts do not provide meals or transportation. A few of them live within walking distance of the major hospitals; most live in areas with access to public transportation (subway or buses).

What does Hospitality Homes charge for its services?
Hospitality Homes charges no fees. We rely on donations from guests and others to sustain the program.

Who is eligible to be a guest of Hospitality Homes?
Hospitality Homes is available to those who:
Live far enough away from the hospital so that commuting is difficult. Have a permanent home to which to return.
Are important support people for the patient.